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About MyFear Zapper

Kid with no fearsFear is a Normal Part of Life

Monsters. The dark. Bugs. Storms. Water. Speaking in front of the class.

Children experience fear as they learn about the world around them. Most children, starting as early as age 3, will become afraid of some natural phenomenon or the “boogie man” in one of its many forms.

But while experiencing fear is normal, it’s not any fun for the child – or the child’s family. Because the fear is very, very real, it can wreak havoc with the child’s emotions, causing childhood anxiety, disrupting confidence, routines, sleep, and family harmony.

Most “solutions” don’t work

If you’ve tried to help a child through a fear, you know how difficult it can be. You reason with her. You look under the bed with her. You lie down with her. Nothing works.

So you try books. They don’t do a thing. Her stuffed animal helps a little bit, but the fear is still there. The nightlight doesn’t do much. You hear about a game. It’s fun, but still the fear hangs on, the anxiety grows, and the confidence wanes.

Now, there is a solution – a REAL solution

Sure, you can wait for your child to “outgrow” his fear – but is that truly helping him?  It’s certainly not teaching him life skills he can carry with him to help him face any scary situation in the future.

MyFear Zapper™ has been proven to help children actually overcome fear, building self-confidence and self-esteem in the process (see research results, case studies and testimonials).  It doesn’t just cover up the fear, like a stuffed animal does, or help your child forget about it for a little while, like a game.  In fact, these things can actually put a wall between the child and the fear – he now needs a stuffed animal or night light in order not to be afraid.

On the other hand, MyFear Zapper™ teaches children their power is inside – in their mind.  It uses verified psychological approaches based on cognitive-behavioral therapy techniques (learn more about cognitive-behavioral therapy) which have been translated into an interactive electronic “game” format.  These techniques help your child understand her mind is more powerful than her fear, which helps her face and handle that fear.  She’ll learn the techniques and be able to apply them whenever she’s feeling fear, nervousness or anxiety, gaining control of her emotions and allowing her to face any fearful situation, any time.  Her self-confidence will soar, and there will be no stopping her!

“Peter did the program and loved the idea that he was the BOSS. He also liked naming the fear. He says he no longer is afraid of the dark and in the middle of the night when he gets up, he does not run to the bathroom, but walks.”
- Barbara D.

“I saw a lot of progress. I would tell my friends and family about it.”
- Sharon C.S.

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